About Us

Safety is paramount in all that we do. In today’s environment it is even more important.  Our hectic lifestyles coupled with the ever-mounting pressures at work and at home diverts our focus away from safety, security and our ultimate well-being. We must be sure to remind ourselves and each other how important it is to be safe.

Properly sized, well-designed, clear and concise warning signs and safety labels are necessary.  Our team of expert graphic artists use readable fonts, focused language and brilliant imagery not just to warn guests, but to be sure they are truly captivated, understand the messaging and ultimately heed our instructions.

Work Safety Signage (WSS) is North America’s premier designer and manufacturer of safety signage. The unparalleled quality of our work, coupled with our unbeatable prices make us who we are. From our high-tack, quality laminated, premium grade vinyl floor decals to our ultra-durable, easy-to-clean substrates we use to manufacture our indoor/outdoor decals, your safety and your satisfaction are our main concerns. 

Posting quality safety signage at your business is being proactive.  It keeps your staff safe.  It keeps your clients safe.  It keeps your business safe. Proper signage may even help reduce your annual insurance rates.  Indeed, safety signage is so much more than a simple indication; it is an investment.